About Us

Innovation in thermoplastics serving the construction industry!
Who we are ?
CICABLOC INDUSTRIE is the fruit of research and development, which began in 2009.
 The idea originated with a man, Mr Gianfranco CICCARELLI, an Engineer working in thermoplastic tools for over 30 years. In 2013, CICABLOC decide to expand is knowledge around the world, what was the most exciting way to do it ? starting from the Indian Market. CICABLOC CONSTRUCTION based in Baroda is borned to be in the Heart of the strategic Market. What motivates us is to offer a range of innovative products which simplify life for ALL construction professionals: masons, civil engineers and public works professionals, landscapers, roads and utilities and all other building professionals… SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is another driving force for our company and equally important. It guides us in our strategic choices.

Our Philosophy

Our actions align on 3 important levels.
The Ecology : Lets give our children a future!
The product has been ecologically designed to:
  • Minimize transport: One 38 tonne truck can carry 936m2 of Cicabloc, while one “Master ” type van can carry 72m2 of CICABLOC®
  • Minimize fossil fuel consumption: exclusive use of recycled materials
  • Minimize energy consumption during set-up: 25% less consumption of electricity compared to traditional systems
Social responsibility: a positive effect for every one!
Over the last few years the instances of many work-related illnesses have increased. The construction industry is particularly affected by MSDs. (musculoskeletal disorders) In view of this fact; we offer innovative products, which are designed with the health and security of each user in mind.…Backaches are a thing of the past!!!
The Economic Factor: without the economic justification, nothing can happen!
Every innovative product, as effective as it might be, must take into account the economic realities of today’s market. Without this, the product will not be successful. At CICABLOC INDUSTRIE the economic factor has zero negative impact on the quality of our products: offering a real economic benefit along with long term efficiency is a matter of course for us.


  • Jan 2014
    The first Cicabloc module home will be available in India.

    Near Gorwa Industrial Estate road,
    Opp. Amar car show room.
  • Oct 2013
  • Mar 2013
    CICABLOC have create a new concept : the CICABLOC modular home.
  • Dec 2012
    Sales start in France, and our Exportation outside Europe have increase with new partner in Morocco and Cameroon.
  • Mar 2012
    CICABLOC was certified by all the EU governmental bodies.
  • 2011
    CICABLOC INDUSTRY was borne in France Awards of Innovative product Investment grant : 12 000 000 €

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