The CICABLOC® system is designed to be used in place of traditional formwork. It consists of assembling formwork blocks with staggered vertical joints. To assemble, the blocks are simply unfolded and interlocked on the spot. The whole structure is then filled with concrete and set. The uses referred to below merely illustrate some of the possibilities and are not an exhaustive list of everything that the CICABLOC® system can offer :
  • Retaining walls.
  • Fences (low walls ).
  • Underground walls of non-habitable spaces (basements).
  • Foundation walls (sub-basements)
  • Non-habitable space (boiler rooms…), Structural work for tanks and basins (holding ponds…).
Available ranges
The product is available in two different thicknesses (20 and 30 cm) and one common height (20cm) and length (60 cm). CICABLOC® is a folding block comprised of 5 elements, two facade pieces and three hinge elements, the whole block weighing no more than 2.5 kg. The facade pieces are identical in both thicknesses. The hinge pieces vary according to the thickness.

Advantages of CICABLOC®

  • The manufacturing process is simple and it is based on injection compression moulding. This manufacturing process guarantees good dimensional stability.
  • CICABLOC industry has created its own software integration for the machinery of injection compression.
  • The factory space required is 1000 sq meter, which is much less than the normal industries.
  • The storage of CICABLOC is much more and we can stack piles of pallets of CICABLOC in one small area, since CICABLOC is folding blocs hence required less space for storage.
  • Since CICABLOC is folding blocs, the transportation cost is much less as compared to the Normal bricks and ACC blocs.
  • Man power requirement during the production stage is much less as compared to other blocs and construction building material factories.
  • Power consumption is much less in CICABLOC manufacturing as compared to the ACC blocs and other construction building material factories.
  • Zero percent carbon emission or waste water discharge in the manufacturing process, hence it satisfy all the GPCB norms of air, water and land consent.
  • The water consumption is very less in the manufacturing process.
  • Very less human hand intervention is required during the manufacturing process, if you feed the granules in the machines, you will get ergonomically designed, symmetric and dimensionally stabilize CICABLOC.
  • Transportation is less expensive, as these blocs are folding blocs and can be shifted easily to the factory site.
  • The weight of each CICABLOC of the size 60 x 30 x 20 cms is 2.5 kgs hence it is easy in handling.
  • It helps workman to save him from spinal injuries while carrying it.
  • CICABLOC is having interlocking joins hence a high skill labour is not required thus it reduces the skill labour cost as well.
  • Fitting of CICABLOC is a child’s play, one block fits another and so on.
  • The construction time required is very less, after adequate practice one can make a 1 sq meter of wall in 15 minutes.
  • The construction cost of CICABLOC is 50 to 60% less than normal construction, as labour required is less, less skilled labour required, it does not uses cement or concrete, for small house of 30 sq meter you even don’t need reinforcement steel bars as well.
  • CICABLOC is ideal building blocks for high storied buildings, it requires less space, it has less load bearing on the structure, no use of cement in the walls, and it can be drilled, cut, nailed easily. Mechanical resistance is 6.25 ton per sq meter.
  • CICABLOC is made of 100% recycle PVC waste.
  • Non polluting manufacturing process.
  • NON Toxic raw material.
  • Does not exudes gases.
  • Total energy consumption is 1/4th of what it takes to produce other building material.
  • The weight of the CICABLOC is 2.5 kgs it is 4 to 5 times lighter than the weight of the bricks.
  • CICABLOC weights 60% lighter than the CMU blocs.
  • CICABLOC is 40% lighter than the Cast in place blocs.
  • Its less weight and its folding capabilities is easier and cheaper for transportation.
  • CICABLOC is filled with soil and lime, and it has thermal resistance of 0.261 W/m K, in other word it gives 10 degree temperature variation from the outside temperature as per EU norms EN 12664.
  • Fire resistance is 2+ hours and temperature of degradation is >300 degree Celsius, as per the EU norms no NF EN 15 701 and EN 438.
  • Superior Sound absorption qualities due to the blocks interconnected tightly with each other and the blocks are also filled with soild and lime.
  • Offer sound attenuation of about 42dB, thus blocking all the major sounds and disturbances
  • It is ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, multi – family housing and other structures that require acoustic insulation.
  • CICABLOC is a folding blocs hence, it is requires less space.
  • Weight of CICABLOC of the size 60 x 30 x 20 cms is only 2.5 kgs hence it is easy to carry and work.
  • It CICABLOC fits and inter connected with each other, hence no high skill is required , it is a child’s play.
  • It reduces the spinal injuries to the workman at the construction site.
  • The production is carried out with injection compression moulding hence the blocks are similar without any variation, each blocks has dimensional stability.
  • NO skilled is required like in normal building construction where skilled workman is must to make the wall.
  • It is available in two sizes with the connections.
  • Concealed sanitary and electrical installation is possible, during the construction phase itself.
  • Blocks can be easily cut, drilled, nailed, milled and grooved to fit individual requirements.
  • It retains properties over time.
  • It is made of non allergic materials.
  • Because of its interlocking, it prevents from seepage of rain water, thus prevent from the water spots, colour damage which normally happens in all the houses in India.
  • It is termite proof.
  • The resistance to Flexibility is >80 Mpa as per EU norms EN ISO 178, hence it is earthquake proof.
  • Since CICABLOC are made with PRECISION MOULDING AND COMPRESSING MACHINES, which are integrated with the patented software, the precision and dimensional stability is very accurate.
  • It comes in three sizes and the connections.
  • It results in smooth wall without any visible joints.
  • The walls does not require the usage of CEMENT AND STEEL and It is up to the individual choice, without its use also the walls are very strong but if we use in very less quantity the strength will increase, but for small house like 30 sq meter or so, steel reinforcement bars are completely removed.
  • The manufacturing is done is Recycle PVC, no other ingredients are added during the manufacturing stages, hence the cost is less.
  • It reduces the high skilled labour hence the labour cost is less.
  • It reduces the construction time by 70%, time save is money saved.
  • The transportation is low cost, since it is folding blocks so we can stack more CICABLOC while transportation, no special care is taken because it does not get damaged during the transportation, hence the damage is also less.
  • It does not uses cement and steel and this considerably reduces the cost.
  • The construction of CICABLOC is 60% less than the normal construction options available in the market.
  • We can colour the BLOCKS with our choice and the colour will stain for longer time since there is no water seepage inside thus low maintenance cost.
  • Its thermal conductive abilities reduces the energy cost.
  • Retaining walls
  • Supporting walls
  • Walls for storeroom
  • Basement walls
  • Property walls
  • Against existing walls
  • Against the walls
  • Noise – blocking walls
  • Technical rooms
  • Elevator shafts
  • Valve chamber
  • Holding tanks
  • Holding vessels
  • Landscaped walls
  • Portable lavoratories
  • Walls on the national highways to prevent the animals to roam on the national highways

CICABLOC® Application

Construction of a retaining wall in a reprocessing plant.
Wall made with first generation wood compound CICABLOC®. Thickness of 30cm, height of 4 meters, built on an existing wall.
Construction of a retaining wall in a tire reprocessing plant Wall made with fourth generation ABS CICABLOC®. Thickness of 30cm, height of 5.4 meters.
Wall made with first generation wood compound CICABLOC®. Thickness of 20 cm, height 60 cm.
Wall made with third generation ABS CICABLOC®. Thickness of 20cm, height 2.6 meters built on an angle.